Streamline your ADA eligibility and Travel Training processes

Welcome to GetGoing Cloud, your all-in-one solution for managing ADA eligibility and travel training with ease and efficiency. Our platform is designed to simplify your workflow, enhance accuracy, and ensure compliance, all while saving you time and resources. From the initial application to ongoing assessments and training, GetGoing Cloud offers powerful tools to help you manage every step of the process seamlessly. Elevate your service delivery and focus on what truly matters – helping your clients get going!

Get your processes organized like never before

If you're looking to streamline (or revolutionize) your ADA paratransit eligibility and travel training processes, GetGoing Cloud is the answer.

This all-in-one, cloud-hosted suite allows you to manage the entire eligibility application process from applications to appeals, execute a comprehensive travel training program, organize critical client documents, and track progress.

The interview and determination process at the heart of GetGoing Cloud has been thoroughly tried and tested in communities across the United States for over 15 years, ensuring reliability and effectiveness.

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ADA Paratransit Eligibility

Simplify your ADA paratransit eligibility process with GetGoing Cloud. Our platform offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline every aspect of the eligibility process, from applications to appeals.

Get a 360° of all your contacts

Gain comprehensive insights with ease. GetGoing Cloud offers a complete 360° view of all your contacts, consolidating every interaction, document, and detail into a single, easy-to-navigate profile. Effortlessly track the status of ADA paratransit eligibility and travel training, while keeping detailed information about each client’s background, biographical details, and contact information all in one place.

Schedule and perform interviews

Schedule ADA eligibility interviews using pre-defined time slots, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow. Maintain high-quality data input with our intelligent conditional forms that only ask for information that’s strictly required. Plus, with auto-saving features, you'll never lose progress, making the entire process a breeze.

Create, review, and approve determinations

Easily create determinations from various sources such as interviews, assessments, appeals, or appeal hearings.Receive in-app suggestions for which eligibility level is appropriate for each client, as well as pre-defined eligibility periods (or define your own). Utilize the review feature to ensure all determinations are approved before communicating the result to the client, making your administrative tasks seamlessly efficient and accurate.

Perform eligibility assessments on the go

Conduct eligibility assessments based on evidence-based science, including a variety of tests such as CFT, FSA, FACTS, Tinetti, and TUG. Utilize built-in timers and test paths to simplify results tracking. Experience seamless transitions between devices with our revolutionary hand-off feature, allowing you to start an assessment on your desktop and effortlessly transfer it to a mobile device for in-field evaluations.

Efficient appeals management

Perform a thorough review of the appeals process. Your team will be able to review appeals, have a third-party operator (if applicable) review as needed, send the appeal to a hearing, and notify your client of the final decision.

Flexible eligibility extensions

Easily issue extensions per client’s request and use built-in tasks to delegate the creation and issuance of extensions. Apply specific rules to limit extensions, such as allowing only two extensions per client or only issuing extensions within 7 days before the end of the original eligibility period, ensuring a controlled and efficient extension process.

Streamlined letter management

Enhance your letter management process with GetGoing Cloud. Effortlessly create determination or notification letters and easily resend any letters that were not successfully delivered. Choose to print letters in-house or integrate with third-party services to send batches of letters to your printing company, ensuring efficient and effective communication.

Travel Training

GetGoing Cloud works the way you work and creates a seamless connection within and across your teams.

Keep track of travel training in a single space

Seamlessly manage all aspects of travel training with GetGoing Cloud. Consolidate training plans, progress updates, and client feedback into one easy-to-navigate space. Stay organized and ensure every client receives the personalized attention they need, all within a streamlined interface designed for efficiency and clarity.

Design comprehensive travel training plans

GetGoing Cloud enables you to craft thorough and personalized travel training plans. With address suggestions speeding up the creation process, you can quickly map out routes and make adjustments as needed.

Create training session reports on the go

Capture key insights, track client progress, and document every session in real-time, no matter where you are. Streamline your reporting process and ensure all essential information is readily available, helping you stay organized and efficient while on the move.

Generate comprehensive progress reports

GetGoing Cloud makes it a breeze to generate regular reports. Compile progress data, highlight key achievements, and track skills development effortlessly. You can produce comprehensive reports that keep everyone informed and on the same page, ensuring your clients' progress is always accurately documented.

Measure client satisfaction

Create customized surveys to gather valuable feedback on training sessions, overall experience, and areas for improvement. Analyze responses in real-time to ensure you continually meet and exceed client expectations, helping you enhance your services and build stronger client relationships.

Create forms with templates

Utilize pre-designed templates to quickly generate professional forms tailored to your needs. Easily gather electronic signatures, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow. Whether for client agreements, feedback forms, or consent documents, manage your paperwork and stay organized with minimal effort.

All the amazing features

GetGoing Cloud’s features were designed to streamline your work at every step. Gain comprehensive insights with ease, consolidate interactions, and effortlessly manage every detail.


Create reminders for yourself or delegate tasks to team members. Stay informed with real-time notifications and updates, keeping everyone aligned and accountable. Prioritize tasks, and guarantee that no detail is overlooked, enhancing your workflow’s efficiency and productivity.

Audit log

Track updates to client records, interview logs, and beyond, ensuring you meet both organizational and regulatory standards effortlessly. With powerful search capabilities, you can quickly pinpoint specific modifications or focus on particular items, and apply date range filters for precision. Export data to CSV for seamless analysis and sharing. Stay informed, uphold transparency, and keep your operations running flawlessly.


With encryption both in transit and at rest, your information remains secure at all times. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) adds an extra layer of security to user accounts, safeguarding against unauthorized access. Additionally, daily full backups of the application ensure that your data is always protected and recoverable. Trust in the robust security measures designed to keep your data safe and your operations secure.


Record detailed information about client interactions or significant life events using free-form text fields or customizable templates. Pin important notes to the client profile to make sure they are highlighted and reviewed before any client contact. This ensures that crucial information is always accessible and that you remain fully informed, enhancing the quality of your client interactions and support.

Case timeline

The case timeline feature offers a detailed chronology of eligibility or travel training cases. This tool provides a clear and organized view of all key events and milestones, making it easy to track the progress and history of each case. Stay on top of your case management with this intuitive and comprehensive timeline feature.


Generate comprehensive reports in real-time, providing immediate insights and data analysis. Easily export your reports to CSV, PDF, or XLS formats, ensuring compatibility and flexibility for all your reporting needs. Stay informed and make data-driven decisions with the powerful and versatile reporting capabilities of this feature.

Scalability and performance

Your application can handle even the largest databases and workloads with ease. Hosted in the cloud, it offers the flexibility to scale according to your needs. Each tenant is separated from other GetGoing Cloud tenants, guaranteeing optimal performance and reliability.

Escalation queue

The escalation queue provides a single, unified space where managers can view all items requiring their intervention, ensuring that no critical tasks are overlooked. With the ability to bulk review and approve determinations, managers can swiftly handle multiple items at once, streamlining the decision-making process and significantly boosting productivity.


The stream offers a dynamic view of all changes to client records, enabling you to track the creation or modification of any objects related to a client, including interviews, cases, assessments, determinations, and more. This comprehensive tracking ensures you stay informed about all updates and maintain a clear understanding of each client's history and status. Stay on top of client management with real-time insights.

Email & in-app notificaitons

Never miss an important update. Receive real-time alerts for key events and changes, whether it’s a new client record, an interview update, or a case determination. Stay informed and responsive with notifications delivered straight to your inbox or within the app. Maintain seamless communication and stay on top of your workflow with timely notifications.


With a target uptime of 99% and a proven historical uptime of 100%, you can rely on uninterrupted service. Additionally, 24/7 uptime monitoring guarantees real-time oversight, swiftly addressing any potential issues.

More features coming soon

Stay tuned for more exciting features coming soon! Our team is working hard on several new tools and enhancements designed to continually improve your experience. Our roadmap is packed with updates that will further streamline your workflow and boost productivity.

Ecolane integration

Trapeze integration

Zapier integration

Report builder

Client portal

Text message notifications


Command bar

Phone system integration

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Innovative, independent, and client-focused GetGoing Cloud is the creation of a passionate and self-funded studio.

GetGoing Cloud is a product of a dedicated, bootstrapped studio, built without the backing of venture capital.

Our independence ensures that we remain focused on what truly matters: delivering the best possible solutions for our clients. Rooted in passion and driven by commitment, our team is free to innovate and prioritize your needs above all else. Join us on this journey of empowering accessibility and efficiency, knowing that our loyalty lies with you.

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